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KIT is committed to researching the impact and benefits of our work and making the case for the benefits of creativity learning techniques.

Evaluation Report into Wardrobes Adventure 2016

Wardrobes was KIT's biggest and most ambitious Adventure in Learning yet. more than 700 pupils participated in an epic story of time travel, rescue and twists in the tale. 

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This document, written in response to Science Direct's Systemic Literature Review, "Creative Learning Environments in Education" outlines how Wardrobes was designed to deliver maximum impact.

2014 Study

In 2014 KIT director Tom Bowtell worked with Sam Holmes, a PHD student and educational researcher based at King's College London to explore the impact our A Cat Escapes AiL had on pupils. Sam's study concluded with a comparative study comparing an AiL study class with a 'control' class in a sister school. Here are the results of Sam's study. The map used for Sam's final study is pictured opposite.

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Summary of AIL feedback and research findings

This document draws together evidence for the impact of Adventures in Learning collected over the last 4 years.

Summary of Research supporting KIT's Theory Of Change:

These documents outline the needs for KIT's work, and the wider evidence for the effectiveness of our techniques.



“Pupils in the study group produced notably higher quality work in the final assessment suggesting a significant impact from the Adventure.”

Sam Holmes, AiL impact report.