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Battersea Arts Centre - Enviro Takeover

KIT worked with primary schools in Wandsworth to take pupils on an adventure that began in their schools and culminated in a grand live finale at Battersea Arts Centre. The project aimed to inspire creativity and develop resilience through offering tools that promote agency around the Climate Crisis & Activism. 


“It was awesome, the children were all so excited and buzzed about the whole project” (Deputy Headteacher, Griffin Primary School - Wandsworth)


Battersea Arts Centre - Family Adventures: Alien and Fire of London

Two of our iconic Inspiration Days were developed into immersive family adventures.

“Great - no, better than great, 5 stars!”

 - Lara, aged 9, audience member of Family Adventure.

Battersea Arts Centre - Timekeepers

KIT were commissioned to create a series of interactive learning adventures, exploring artefacts and stories to support KS1 and KS2 curriculums and as part of BAC’s Moving Museum project.

“We have all loved the whole Neverland experience and I feel quite sad that it’s coming to an end!” 

 - Emma Browse, Year 3 teacher.

Birmingham Hippodrome - Neverland

Neverland was a schools Adventure linked to the venue’s Pantomime showing of Peter Pan. Eight classes visited the Hippodrome and following a mysterious trail, discovered ‘Bella’, a fairy who’s magic was disappearing. Children were tasked to create plays that were later performed at the Hippodrome to reignite Bella’s magical powers.

“Some very quiet pupils spoke with confidence in front of a large audience which was great to see. A lot of the students got very invested in Bella making them motivated to meet every week and talk about the emails and complete work.”

 - Participating Year 3 teacher.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Dognapped

Dognapped was a schools Adventure linked to the REP’s Christmas showing of 101 Dalmatians. Ten classes went on a backstage tour that was interrupted by meeting Theo the theatre dog and then overhearing the plans of two stage hands who planned to kidnap Theo. Theo sent emails to children and the classes returned to the REP to perform plays which distracted the stage hands and allowed Theo to escape!

Dognapped - REP.JPG

“The whole adventure was amazing, all pupils were very engaged throughout. SEND pupils enjoyed it and the project helped build their confidence - keep up the brilliant work!”

 - Z Younis, participating teacher, Robin Hood Primary School.

Dognapped - REP poster.JPG
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