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Using the magic of stories, we create bespoke Adventures in Learning which often culminate in an unexpected and extraordinary finale in local libraries.


It turns out that C.S Lewis was onto something with the Narnia books: Wardrobes really are portals between worlds. Figures from history have innocently stepped into wardrobes and found themselves catapulted forward through time. These accidental time travellers are very confused when they arrive in the present day, and only local schoolchildren can help them out. Wardrobes incorporates creative writing, performance and local history and is delivered in partnership with a school’s local arts venue and library.

In 2023, KIT is working in partnership with ARCADE and East Riding Council to bring Wardrobes to schools and community venues in Bridlington.

Wardrobes 2016

Partners: Community Libraries Support Unit and Birmingham REP, funded by Arts Council England's Libraries G4A


Wardrobes 2020/21

Partners: Scarborough Museums Trust, North Yorkshire Library Trust, ARCADE, funded by Arts Council England. Wardrobes in Scarborough was planned for June 2020 and is being postponed due to Coronavirus.

“A superb project - Magical!"

-  Maria Aldred, participating Wardrobes Teacher

Please click here to read the findings of our report into the educational impacts of Wardrobes.

Please click here for a summary of the full project.

Arabian Nights

On a normal day, pupils begin to watch a spectacularly boring video on the history of concrete when a technical fault occurs - the screen pixelates and the face of a Genie appears, asking the pupils for help: once a major character in Arabian Nights, he has disappeared from modern versions and his very existence is at risk.


Arabian Nights engages Year 3 – Year 5 pupils in an interactive adventure that develops their creative writing skills, increases digital literacy and empowers them as artists. Taking place over 4 weeks, it uses live performance, email, storytelling and involves pupils creating work alongside professional artists. The project begins in schools before taking pupils to their local library where they discover a mysterious secret archive room.

Arabian Nights was first produced in a partnership between Agency of Coney, Birmingham REP and Library of Bimringham. 

”I was definitely enthusiastic and I felt that I was being led on the journey too. I was just as excited as the children when we received emails! Watching the children in the Rep was great! Many of the children were whispering to their friend and saying, that’s my part, I wrote that! They were very proud of themselves!”

- Katie, Participating Teacher, Nansen Primary School

Escape Room

KIT Theatre and artist Jessica-Roisin Nolan have been commissioned by GMCA to work with autistic young people from Greater Manchester to create an Escape Room adventure aimed at Autistic people aged from 15-25. The will tour between Greater Manchester’s Libraries in late 2021/early 2021, depending on the Covid-19 crisis. ]

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