Text-based Adventures

Adventures in Learning that use core texts as stimulus with activities exploring the themes of the book. A character from the text makes unexpected contact with the class and sends weekly messages to introduce a range of activities over 4-6 weeks. Communication is delivered by KIT, but the activities are designed alongside teachers, responding to existing lesson plans, literacy strategies and driving towards their wider teaching aims. A finale event takes place with the character visiting the school at the end of the 6 weeks. These adventures can be used to drive pupils’ engagement with CLPE programmes.



Existing Text-based Adventures:


Year 1: Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway 

Lila sends pupils beautifully-designed packages which contain copies of the book, a letter describing her life in Kenya, objects from home and ingredients to make traditional food. Children write letters back to Lila and work on displays to explain about their life. As a finale event, Lila travels from Kenya to visit the school and see all the work children have created.

Linked to themes about Kenya, traditions.

Year 3: The Promise by Nicola Davies 

Mysterious envelopes arrive at the school containing seeds for pupils to plant. The sender is revealed to be Emma, the grown up character from the book, who is now a conservationist. She explains that fields near the school are about to have flats built on them, and that she needs pupils’ help to save their green spaces. A finale day takes place with pupils going on a nature expedition around the land and then inviting the Developer to the school to participate in a debate, as they try to persuade him to save the fields.

Linked to themes of nature, environment.



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