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Core Text-Based Adventures

Adventures in Learning that use commonly-used core texts as stimulus with activities exploring the themes of the book. A character from the book makes unexpected contact with the class and sends regular messages to introduce a range of activities over 4-6 weeks. (Projects can be delivered intensively in a shorted period if required.) Messages are delivered by KIT’s writers, but activities are designed alongside teachers, responding to existing lesson plans, literacy strategies and driving towards their wider teaching aims. A live finale event takes place with the character unexpectedly visiting the school to complete their mission.

Existing Text-based Adventures:

Rec: Dinosaur in My School by Timothy Knapman

Professor Memo has used a Time Machine to travel to the time of the dinosaurs, but has got herself into a spot of both. Children receive regular video updates and send messages to help the Professor with dinosaur survival.

Linked to Dinosaur topic

Year 1: Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway 

Lila sends pupils intriguing parcels containing copies of the book, a letter describing her life in Kenya, objects from home and ingredients to make traditional food. Children write letters back to Lila and create displays to explain about their life before cooking using Lila’s ingredients… and is unexpectedly joined by Lila herself to enjoy the feast!

Linked to Kenya and All About Me topic

Year 2: A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino 

Upon discovering the diary of Thomas Farriner which explains he is devastated about the fire he started destroying London, pupils use a Time Machine to send messages back in time, assuring him that London survived, introducing modern London and confirming that he is forgiven for accidentally starting the fire...

Linked to Fire of London topic

Year 3: The Promise by Nicola Davies 

Emma, the grown-up character from the book, who is now a conservationist explains that a park near the school is going to have flats built on it... Pupils creatively campaign and participate in a debate with the developer to save the green space.

Linked to Nature topic

Year 3: Iron Man by Ted Hughes
During their reading of Iron Man, pupils are contacted by a scientist who recognises their expertise in robots and enlists their help to create a new robot. Pupils then build giant robots with a Robot Maker only to discover the next morning that they have disappeared! The robots make regular contact over the weeks as they explore the world and pupils write back, finally convincing them to return to school.
Linked to Science and local area topic.

Year 4: Varjack Paw by S.F Said

Jasmine the kitten, Varjak’s wayward cousin, has been cat-napped: trapped in a room with a lone computer. Jasmine has watched and learned how to use email and sends pupils an SOS message. Over 6 interactive, cross-curricular episodes pupils work together to help Jasmine escape and reunite with Varjak.

Cross-curricular project covering elements of English, Geography, Maths & PE curriculum.

Year 5: How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

An ancient chest buried by King Alfred is discovered buried in the school grounds, filled with Anglo Saxon treasures and containing a scroll which tells the story of his reign. Pupils investigate the Anglo-Saxon objects and write heroic speeches before creating and burying their own Time Capsule about their lives for future archaeologists to unearth.

Linked to Anglo Saxon topic

Year 5: The Odyssey by Homer 

Zeus has joined Twitter posting adverts looking for children to help him rebrand and relaunch the Ancient Greeks and Greek gods for the 21st Century. Once Zeus is in contact with the class, he sets them a number of challenges ranging from updating myths to participating in their own modern Olympics.

Linked to the Ancient Greeks


Year 6: Goodnight Mr. Tom by Micehlle Amgorian 

Year 6 are given the task of looking through lost property… and unexpectedly discover a weather-beaten suitcase full of items belonging to an evacuee child from WW2. Can they trace the evacuee child (now a much older person!) and reunite the suitcase with its original owner?

Linked to WW2 topic

All the projects above were originally developed with teachers.  Please contact us if you would like to work with KIT to develop a new Text-Based Adventure:

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