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CPD For Teachers:

  • KIT offers CPD training to all teachers prior to taking part in an Adventure in Learning. This provides teachers with all the information and preparation needed to deliver the adventure with us as well as a toolkit of skills. 

  • KIT offers stand alone training to teachers of Key Stage 1 and 2 to showcase the Adventures in Learning process and highlight how our techniques can be embedded into their ongoing practice.

  • KIT’s “Spycraft For Teachers” CPD workshop has been designed for Newly Qualified Teachers, introducing them to a range of ways they can use drama, story telling and adventure to drive learning. 


Creative Curriculum Development:

In response to revised OFSTED guidance, KIT works in partnership with schools to develop broader creative whole-school curriculums which are infused with drama and adventure and can be sustainably delivered by all teachers.


"KIT has transformed my teaching!"

- Year 2 teacher at Northwick Park Primary School

"This is it! This is the spark. I’ve already talked to the deputy and the head about the possibility
of doing it in house. It really set the ball rolling I think. It’s been fabulous."

- Teacher, Stanville Primary School 

"It’s allowed me to see a different style of teaching. You’ve got children working together as a team, writing plans and instructions, creating a poster and scenes. It’s been so much fun and teaching ME different ways. It’s inspiring me to become more of a fun teacher! It’s ok to have that side of yourself as a teacher – it’s nice to let yourself go…. So valuable for me as teaching development.”

- Safaa Amar, Year 2 teacher at Nansen Primary following participation in Chocolate Inventions.

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