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About Our Work


​KIT Theatre is an award-winning not for profit theatre company. Established in 2016, KIT has worked in schools, libraries, theatres and museums across the UK sharing Adventures in Learning and Bridge Projects with communities across the UK. 


Our mission is to make playful, immersive theatre for (and with) young people which develops their creativity, confidence and critical thinking while connecting them with their local creative community.


KIT’s vision is to use immersive theatre to support the emergence of a generation of creative, confident, questioning young people; inspired through adventure.

Theory of Change

KIT’s work is underpinned by our Theory of Change, which you can see visualised below.

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Our work always begins with a disruption, whether the arrival of a letter, a mysterious package or a Time Traveller bursting into an assembly, a dramatic intervention interrupts the school day.

In our Bridge Adventures, the story driving pupils’ missions requires pupils to leave the school and find clues/meet characters in their community’s local cultural places. These projects foster creative commmunities: introducing young people and their families to their local cutural places whilst empowering community/young people's teams to use immersive practices as they build relationships into the future.

In Adventures in Learning, the story revolves around a mission which only the pupils of the school can solve: they may support an archaeologist getting their dream career at the British Museum or teaching an Alien how to thrive on Planet Earth. These Adventures combine delivering learning through creativity whilst fostering oracy, critical thinking and teamwork skills in young people. To view more about our work in schools, click here.

You can view our Bridge Adventure Model here, and read KIT's Artistic Directors thoughts on Bridge Adventures on this blog post.

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