Week-long Adventures in Learning that engage a whole school. Normal classes are suspended and all year groups are immersed in KIT’s narrative for a week. The week involves performances, drama workshops and teacher-led activities with curriculum-linked lesson plans appropriate for each age group designed by KIT in dialogue with teachers.


Save Our Stories

This adventure imagines that a rogue organisation, ‘The Society Against Stories’, has sent a spy into the Department of Education and persuaded them to pass a law banning all stories from schools. The new law is revealed when a film celebrating Books/Reading/Libraries is hacked by the Chief Anti-Story Agent, Agent Grey. Pupils create Save Our Story campaigns to try and change the Society Against Story’s mind, but to no avail: Agent Grey’s minions arrive and start collecting storybooks and shutting down the  school library. As a last effort, pupils work with Story Writing Experts to create their own stories, which are all put together into The Biggest StoryBook Ever Created, as a monument to the power of storytelling. Agent Grey arrives on Friday to take away all the school’s storybooks but when she sees The Biggest StoryBook Ever Created, she’s finally convinced of the power and value of stories and puts an immediate end to the ban.

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