Week-long Adventures in Learning that unite a whole school in a dramatic quest. Normal classes are suspended and all year groups are immersed in KIT’s narrative, uniting with teachers to overcome unexpected challenges. Adventures involve performances, drama workshops and teacher-led activities with curriculum-linked lesson plans appropriate for each age group designed by KIT in dialogue with teachers. KIT delivers CPD training for all participating teachers.

Save Our Stories

This adventure imagines that a rogue organisation, ‘The Society Against Stories’, has sent a spy into the Department of Education and persuaded them to pass a law banning all stories from schools. Throughout the week pupils design Save Our Story campaigns, create stories that are performed and write their own stories. Will the school be able to get the law changed…?


This Takeover is focused on literacy and creative writing.

This adventure is often delivered as part of World Book Day celebrations.


Enviro Shutdown

We are currently working in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre and Green Schools to develop a Takeover that focuses on environmental issues and sustainability. 

This project imagines that schools are at risk of being closed down due to not reaching sustainability targets. Through campaigning and creative endeavours, can the whole school work together to improve to create long term sustainable changes and save the school from closure…?


This Takeover focuses on creative writing, performance, reading and the love of books.

Science Week

Keegu the Alien has unexpectedly arrived in the school and needs children to help them return home. Children across Key Stage 1 work together to build a rocket for Keegu and eventually launch it into space.


This Takeover focuses on Science, Space, Literacy and Caring for others topics.