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Adventures in Learning Projects

Inspiration Days


One-day adventures which engage pupils with Curriculum project topics.     A normal school day takes a turn for the extraordinary as characters burst into  classrooms with problems that only pupils can fix.



Coney GGD_0043.jpg
Text-based Adventures


Designed around teachers existing plans and using a core text as stimulus. Characters from a book contact pupils and set up activities. Finale events take place when characters visit the school. 





Whole school adventures that combines performance, workshops and teacher-led activities


Professor Memo's Time Machine


A 2-day adventure to start the school year with a bang. Pupils from different year groups work together to help Professor Memo mend time, exploring a range of National Curriculum topics and literacy tasks.




Arabian Nights


A 3-week writing adventure transporting pupils from the classroom to their local library. Pupils become friends with a digital genie, who needs them to write new stories before he fades away forever.

A Cat Escapes


Jasmine the kitten has been cat-napped: trapped in a room with a lone computer. Over five interactive episodes pupils work together to help Jasmine escape (learning a range of National Curriculum topics in the process).

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