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A Cat Escapes

Alone in a room with just a computer for company, Jasmine the kitten sends an email out into the ether. Guided by unseen paws, it arrives, with a ping, in the inbox of your class. And so the adventure begins.

Inspired by the novels of S.F Said, A Cat Escapes has been experienced by thousands of pupils across the UK and in 2014 was the subject of a reseach study which found that it had several clear benefits for participating pupils. Please click here to read the report in full.


"The most exciting and motivating project I've done in 22 years of teaching”

- Claire Lound, Year 3 teacher



“A Cat Escapes ticks all the boxes. This enthralling project motivates the children to learn across the curriculum, building personal and social skills as they go.”


Juliet Desailly, Education Consultant and author of Creativity in the Primary Classroom



When Jasmine the kitten is catnapped, Varjak Paw himself contacts the class to ask for their urgent help.  Alone in a small room, Jasmine learns to type, and communicates with the pupils by email.  Over six interactive episodes the class must work together to help Jasmine escape and find her way back to Varjak. A late twist in the tale brings two live performers to the class to deliver a dramatic finale..  


Fitting snugly into a half term, A Cat Escapes is a learning adventure that links closely to the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Each ½ day episode covers letter writing and other key literacy aspects, and subject areas include maths, geography, design and technology, science and PSHE.

Created by Tom Bowtell, Tassos Stevens and Claire Lound
Designed by Rachael Smith
Performed by Frances Moulds, Richard Evans, Mark Laughtone and Rachel Lincoln.






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