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Professor Memo's Time Machine

For the last 65 years, Professor Memo has been secretly working in a hidden office of your school. Now, at last, he’s ready to reveal what he’s working on… The Professor has discovered that something is very wrong with time in many UK Primary schools and he’s looking for pupils to help him make sure that everything, and everyone, isn't sucked into a black hole.

This 2-day Adventure in Learning takes over a whole school, providing inspiration for a whole term of teaching.



'It was a highly stimulating start to the term. It captured the pupils curiosity and allowed their imaginations to run wild. Their enthusiasm for the project and subsequent writing outcomes were of a high quality.'

Mrs H Rai, Headteacher


Designed to take place at the start of a new term, Professor Memo's Time Machine sees a real life time machine materialise in your school, and a real-life time traveller emerge from it. Over 2 days pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in age-appropriate challenges as they help the Professor fix time in your school. Exploring history, science and providing inspiration for creative writing, the adventure has a flexible structure which can be adapted to meet specific learning aims of any school.


Professor Memo's Time Machine takes place over 2 days and pupils will be fully immersed in its world for this time. Teachers will lead learning, with the Professor and other characters making regular visits to the classroom.


Written and Directed by Tom Bowtell

Sound: James Frewer

Design: Joanna Scotcher Assisted by Daisy Young

Producer and Documenter: Natalie Raaum

Performed by: Matt Odell, Tom Bowtell and Alex Donnachie.









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