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Following the success of 2014’s Arabian Night’s Adventure in Learning, KIT returned to Birmingham with Wardrobes, our most ambitious Adventure in Learning yet. 

- Please click here to view a short film about Wardrobes. (Film created by the brilliant Jam AV.)

- Please click here to read the findings of our report into the educational impacts of Wardrobes.

- Please click here for a summary of the full project.


The Story: It turns out that C.S Lewis was on to something with the Narnia books: Wardrobes really are portals between worlds. What dear old C.S might not have known is that most of these accidental wardrobe explorers end up in Birmingham: and it’s down to the City’s schoolchildren to help them out.

The Team: A new partnership between KIT, Community Libraries Support Unit and Birmingham REP, funded by Arts Council England's Libraries G4A, Wardrobes took 600 Key Stage 1 pupils on an adventure to the REP theatre and their local library as they rescue a long-lost time traveller.

Please contact to find out how your school can participate in Adventures in Learning such as Wardrobes.

"A superb project - Magical!" -  Maria Aldred, participating Wardrobes Teacher


An Adventure in Learning by KIT in partnership with Birmingham REP and Community Libraries Birmingham. - Funded by Arts Council England.


Wardrobes was a 4-week Adventure in Learning created for Key Stage 1 pupils by KIT in partnership with Community Libraries Birmingham and the Birmingham REP, funded by Arts Council England's LIbraries G4A fund.. The project began when pupils visit an exhibition of interactive wardrobes in the Foyer of the REP. There they met an intriguing gentleman who recruited them to join his organisation of heroes: the legendary WOOF. 

Pupils participating in Wardrobes wrote their own stories and explored citizenship issues around what it means to be a young person living in the UK today.  If you would like to know more about Wardrobes, or commission a similar adventure please contact

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