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Forget what you think learning looks like...

By Aminita Francis, Performer Facilitator

...because KIT brings Fun and Adventure to the heart of every classroom, and it's not just the children, as a KIT performer & facilitator, I find myself just as immersed as the youngsters, whether we’re on a mission to find roman treasures in the headteacher's office or digging for fossils in the school playground; adults and children alike embark on a day they won't forget anytime soon.

We all learn differently and I always love that moment when a teacher looks over in awe of a child who rarely contributes in lessons, as they wave their hand eagerly awaiting to be chosen during a KIT adventure. Or when the class jokester lets out a "SSHHHHHHH" insisting that everyone quiets down so they can all focus on the task at hand. Throughout the day the children are engaged with: physical activities, written tasks, music, performances and art. We all end the day inspired and armed with more creative problem-solving skills which can be applied to other areas.

It's essential that extracurricular school activities like this continue to exist in our education system. As a theatre maker and artist, I know that extracurricular activities are often where young creative minds are fuelled, nurtured, and allowed to really flourish. It's where many young people first discover something that they're good at, whether that's a hidden talent or a new found passion. This discovery, even in an unconventional way, can create inner confidence that transcends through to other areas of a young person's life. The idea of self-belief is so strong and can mean the difference between a young person applying themselves in class and a young person giving up before they've really even started.

From personal experience, I know that had it not been for the access I had to extracurricular school creative workshops growing up, I wouldn't have found the confidence to speak up in class when I didn't understand something. Had it not been for after school clubs I wouldn't have developed the skills to be a successful theatre maker touring the world with my award-winning show.

As the lockdown eases, KIT Theatre are thinking up more weird and wonderful ways to inspire & educate young people. As facilitators, I firmly believe that it's our job to continue lighting the pathway that leads each child on their individual journey to learning and discovering the world we live in!

The future is waiting to be explored and I can't wait to be reunited with KIT & takeover a school near you!

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